Get lots of rest before you shoot. Having the best makeup artist, hairstylist & photographer can create magic. However, lack of rest causes bloodshot eyes, bags and a total lack of energy during a shoot. All of which will effect the outcome of your portraits.


Arrive with an open mind. Many people get caught up in past experiences or preconceived ideas that are so specific that it can effect your attitude and the results of your shoot. Remember photographers and makeup artists are individuals each one is different with styles, personalities & talents. Prepare to have fun and know that you'll look great. To steal an old cliché quote, IF YOU DON'T LOOK GOOD WE DON'T LOOK GOOD!


Keep it simple. Remember your portraits are an investment, so you want longevity with your photos. You can never go wrong with simple primary colored clothing black, white, red and blue shirts, even jeans and a nice t-shirt looks great! (You will be able to alter the look of a basic wardrobe with cool accessories). Keep in mind the outfit is not what is on show YOU are! Know who you are and who you are marketing yourself to, it will help you with your decisions. Also, make sure your clothes are clean, ironed and lint free.


Makeup and hair will not be like you wear every day. Photography and stage makeup are completely different than everyday makeup! Have you ever noticed that in those candid pictures at your friends party that your face was lighter than your chest or your eyes normally don't look that small.

Lighting, angles and temperature all affect how you look in portraits so professional makeup is done to accommodate for these elements. You might feel over done when looking in the mirror, but when the camera flashes your skin will look flawless. (Makeup lightens on stage and in photos up to 30% even 40%)


You are your worst critic. We all have things about ourselves that we don't like or want to change. Don't worry about that little crook in your nose or that one eye turns in a quarter of a millimeter further than the other!!! Most people don't notice these things, so don't worry about it. If something does cause you to fret, relax they don't call Scott the magician for nothing! HE IS A GENIUS!

Thanks again for stopping by, Scott and I hope to be working with you soon.  Feel free to contact Scott with any of your questions, they will be forwarded to me.